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RHINO - Steakhouse & Pizzeria

Grill specialties (best grilled meat) & pizza

Stone Oven Pizza "originale"
In-house & take away. The pizzas are baked by our Italian Pizzaiolo.

Our steakhouse & pizzeria "Rhino" is open daily. In pleasant atmosphere you can enjoy our delicious Rhino grill specialties of beef, pork, veal and lamb. A side dish like Belgian fries, stuffed baked potato or American potato wedges is included with all meat dishes.

To our offers, we recommend you either a wine (varies offers - glass or bottle) or a beer – fits perfectly for meat dish or pizza. Therefore, we have 10 different beers to choose from.

Our menu offers also a wide selection of Rhino Snacks and other delicious dishes.

Your kids are welcome. For children we have special offers and our Rhino
Kids Corner (play area) ready.

Rhino hours:

Monday:           18:00-21:30
Tuesday:          18:00-21:30
Wednesday:     18:00-21:30
Thursday:        18:00-21:30
Friday:            12:00-14:00      18:00-21:30
Saturday:        12:00-14:00      18:00-21:30
Sunday:          12:00-14:00      18:00-21:30

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